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Voting is Simple Devised by the company -

Easter Play-in-a-Week

This is a fun, popular project and a great opportunity to be creative. Play-in-a-week will be directed by Perfect Circle regulars Will Hughes and James Vines.

The World of Words Devised by the company -

The World of Words by Perfect Circle Youth Theatre (age 9-13)
Tuesday 22nd March, 6pm at Malvern Library. FREE.
‘There are strange things happening in the library. Where has Harriet gone and… is that Harry Potter?’

Citizenship Mark Ravenhill -

Citizenship by Mark Ravenhill.
Part of the 2016 National Theatre Connections.
Friday 18th & Saturday 19th March, 7.30pm at Malvern Cube. Tickets are £5 (£3 under 18s) and are available on the door.
Play contains language and themes that may not be suitable for under 13s.
‘Tom dreams of being kissed, but he’s not sure whether by a man or by a woman, and he feels he should choose pretty quickly. His friends’ homophobic teasing and interrogations about what he did with his friend Amy the other night leave Tom no space to make up his mind, and he’s got no one to ask for advice, except maybe people on the internet.’

The Wardrobe Sam Holcroft -

Friday 27th November
Perfect Circle Youth Theatre Jr presents…

The Wardrobe by Sam Holcroft. 7pm at Malvern Cube. Tickets will be available on the door on a “Pay What You Can” basis.

Behind Open Doors devised by the company -

Summer Shakespeare project -

Perfect Circle Theatre Company, in association with Malvern Theatre Players, ran a week of fun & exciting drama activities based at the Coach House Theatre.

Summer Play-in-a-Week -

Summer “Play-in-a-Week” Monday 27th July – Friday 31st July.

Our regular holiday project will this year involve three different productions – a play for 9-13 year olds, a short film and a play for 14-19 year olds. They will all be written and directed by members of Perfect Circle Youth Theatre. We are delighted that they will be creating brand new work for our summer performance.

Rehearsals are 10am – 4pm at Malvern Cube, with a performance at 7pm on Friday.

Double Bill! - July 2015

Perfect Circle Youth Theatre presents…

God Bless the Child by Molly Davies AND The Odyssey Adapted by Hattie Naylor.

The two plays will be performed as a double-bill…

Friday 10th July at Worcester Arts Workshop. 7.00pm
Saturday 11th July at Malvern Cube, 7.00pm

Tickets £3, available on the door.

Big thanks to Gemima Hull & Naomi Rule who directed God Bless the Child and Lucy Rix who directed The Odyssey.

The Accordion Shop by Cush Jumbo - March 2015

The Accordion Shop by Cush Jumbo part of the National Theatre Connections project.

Mister Ellody has quietly kept his accordion shop going on his local high street for generations.

One day, he steps out of his door and witnesses an extraordinary incident: hundreds of young people are surging onto the street, and they’ve all received the same text message on their phones which simply says “RIOT. THE ROAD. 7pm TONIGHT.”

Friday 13th & Saturday 14th March 2015 7pm at Malvern Cube.
Tickets £5 (£3 under 18s)

Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd May at Warwick Arts Centre.

Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare - December 2013 -

Perfect Circle are excited to be returning to St James Church for the second time, following the success of last yearʼs “Macbeth”. This yearʼs choice of play provides a very different challenge.

Baptista has decided that her daughter, Bianca, cannot be married to one of her many suitors until her older sister, Katharina is married. Katharina has a reputation which has put off many of the men of Padua….but does not deter the visiting Petruchio, who sets off on a mission to woo her.

Perfect Circle have taken Shakespeareʼs play (including the famous “Christopher Sly” framing section) and created a version which is fast-moving and fun.

Play-in-a-Week Summer 2013 -

This summer Perfect Circle rehearsed and performed two plays and a short film.

A BIG thank you to Youth Theatre regulars Heather, Amos and Holly for directing.

Don't Feed The Actors! July 2013 -

Perfect Circle Youth Theatre presents…

Don’t Feed The Actors!

Three short plays performed in the beautiful Rose Bank Gardens, Malvern. 1.30pm Saturday 20th July.

The Ward Devised by Perfect Circle Youth Theatre -

Devised as part of this Easter’s ‘play-in-a-week’ project, “The Ward” explores tension, fear and the unexplained…not for the faint-hearted!

National Theatre Connections Project - March 2013

‘What Are They Like?’ by Lucinda Coxon and ‘Running Out’ devised by the Company.

Part of the 2013 National Theatre Connections project.

Thursday 14 & Friday 15 March 7.30pm
Elim Theatre, Westminster Bank, West Malvern Road

We will be touring to Warwick Arts Centre May 4th / 5th

Two fantastic productions about conflict, growing up, adolescence and the slipping away of time.

Macbeth William Shakespeare - November 2012

An ensemble cast of 18 young people bring you witchcraft and murder!

Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Thursday 31st November and Saturday 1st December at Welland Church. 7pm.

Tickets are £5 adults (£3 under 18s) and available on the door.

Play-in-a-Week - Summer 2012

This summer Perfect Circle rehearsed and performed two fantastic plays.

A BIG thank you to Youth Theatre regulars Owen, Ellie and Holly for directing two fantastic productions.

To My Face Heather Striplin - June 2012

Perfect Circle Youth Theatre present ‘To My Face’ by Heather Striplin

New Year’s Eve parties are approaching but not everyone in the gang is feeling festive. Grace is finding it difficult to communicate with her friends. It’s easier for her to hide behind a keyboard and write her blog. May is finding it difficult to accept that Colin has a new girlfriend. Everyone is finding it difficult to focus on revision when ‘Judge Judy’ is on TV.

Heather Striplin’s new play is a frank and funny exploration of communication, friendship, tragedy and modern teenage life. ‘To My Face’ contains strong language and may not be suitable for anyone under 14.

In the Library with the Candlestick Devised by Perfect Circle Youth Theatre - April 2012

The Grandfathers Rory Mullarkey - March 2012

Our forth National Theatre Connection project

A group of teenage conscripts embark on 547 days of bootcamp in an unnamed country to prepare to fight in a war they know nothing about.

Based on the author’s experiences in Central Asian military camps, ‘The Grandfathers’ is a brutally honest story of contemporary armed forces training.

Will You Be My Homie? Devised by Perfect Circle Youth Theatre - November 2011

Devised and performed by a large cast of local 14 – 18 year olds. An honest & hilarious portrait of contemporary school life.

Friday 25th November at 7.30pm & Sunday 27th November at 5.00pm. Malvern Youth Centre. The performance will last approximately 45 mins. Tickets will be available on the door on a “Pay What You Can” basis.

Will You Be My Homie contains strong language and may not be suitable for anyone under 14.

Mint Choc Chip Heather Striplin - August 2011

Perfect Circle were EXTREMELY proud to present “Mint Choc Chip” by youth theatre regular Heather Striplin.

Heather’s play sensitively explores the relationship between a group of friends united in grief.

A large audience, amazing feedback and an after-show party fuelled by barbecue & ceilidh band! We’re hoping Heather will continue to offer us her work for performance and that other members of the youth theatre will pick up their playwriting keyboard soon!

Special thanks to Jon White & Malvern Youth Centre for another excellent “Play-in-a-Week” project – we even found time to make a brilliant short film.

The Seance Anthony Neilson - July 2011

Anthony Neilson’s comedy “The Seance” was performed to a very appreciative audience at Malvern’s Coach House Theatre. Special thanks to Chris & all at Malvern Theatre Players for making us feel welcome in the fantastic, intimate space.

We also presented some devised & scripted scenes, including chunks from Jonathan Harvey’s “beautiful thing” and Polly Stenham’s “That Face”.

Too Fast Douglas Maxwell - March 2011

Our third National Theatre Connections project.

Sensation Nation is a vocal group founded and led by the unstoppable DD. Her grand plan is for the group to storm next year’s Britain’s Got Talent. But first they need a gig, and more importantly a heartbreaking back-story that will win them votes later on down the line. So she’s booked them in to sing at a funeral. And not just any funeral either. Sensation Nation is to sing at the funeral of Ali Monroe, an older girl from their school who was killed in a car crash.

We performed to large, appreciative audiences at the Rogers Theatre, Malvern College and then toured to Warwick Arts Centre. Another fantastic project, thanks to all involved!

Notelddimetak Devised by Perfect Circle Youth Theatre - April 2011

A devised piece of promenade theatre, including video work. This Easter’s “Play-in-a-Week” concerned the upcoming Royal Wedding. A group of undercover reporters has uncovered something unusual about the Royal bride – can they warn the handsome Prince in time?

A brilliant week as always – loads of fun, some new actors (welcome!) and a really smart & intriguing piece of theatre enjoyed by a large audience. Fantastic!

Not The End Of The World Geraldine McCaughrean, adapted by Simon Reade - December 2010

Perfect Circle Youth Theatre’s younger age group (9-12) performed this complex tale of Noah and his family’s escape from natural disaster at Malvern Youth Centre.

This was this group’s first full production and they managed it unbelievably well – complex characters and themes were explored & discussed in rehearsal and all the cast and crew gave committed, intelligent performances. Great work team!

Special thanks for direction to Jay Platt and for technical brilliance to Amelia Cummins.

See the Gallery for some great photos!

Blackout Davey Anderson - December 2010

Davey Anderson’s “Blackout” was performed to large, appreciative audiences at Malvern Youth Centre. The production used an ensemble cast to tell the story of young offender James and how he ended up in a cell.

Please see the Gallery for some fantastic “Blackout” photos.

DNA / A Year and a Day Dennis Kelly / Christina Reid - July 2010

This summer’s “Play-in-a-Week” project presented a double bill of fantastic plays.

Perfect Circle alumni John Bannister took time out of his theatre degree studies to direct DNA by Dennis Kelly – an incredible production presented on a triangular-shaped stage with audience on two sides. Typical of John to blend theatre & maths!

Lee directed Christina Reid’s A Year and a Day – a touching tale of storytelling, lost lands & myths.

Big thanks to everyone involved – see you at the next “Play-in-a-Week”!

Malvern Film Festival Perfect Circle's Youth Groups - July 2010

Malvern Film Festival took place on Thursday 15th July at Malvern Youth Centre.

Red carpet, popcorn, glamorous frocks – it was Malvern’s equivalent of the Oscars, Ascot & Glyndebourne rolled into one.

All of Perfect Circle’s groups (PCYT Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays groups plus Colwall, Northleigh & Nunnery Wood Drama Clubs) spent the term making short films.

The evening was completed by fantastic comedy characters provided by local comedians (and PCYT stalwarts) Kit Holden & Jay Platt. Amazingly insightful analysis from the stuffy, over-educated film critics was only surpassed by special guest appearances by Bob Dylan & Perfect Circle legend Larry The Worm, who received the evening’s biggest cheer.

Iain Campbell provided a Derren Brown-style element of psychologocal mystery with his fantastic magic act; big thanks to him.

A brilliant evening, loads of excellent feedback from everyone who came – another record Perfect Circle audience who thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Massive thanks to everyone who came on the night and a special Perfect Circle cheers to Jay, Kit, Iain and Adam Bannister for the friendliest tech support in the business.

Much Ado About Nothing William Shakespeare - March 2010

PCYT performed Much Ado About Nothing in a brand new venue, Elim Theatre in West Malvern. We also performed to an appreciative audience of students at Droitwich High.

Lots of great feedback about our first Shakespeare – lots of requests from cast & audience for it not to be our last Shakespeare.

We were very pleased to offer a Perfect Circle debut to Alex Redmond, Peter Nelson, Alex Cofield & Elliot Seabright. Very pleased too to welcome back Holly Perrett.

Terrific work from the cast. Special thanks too as usual to tech genius Adam Bannister.

Recorded Alive Devised by PCYT group - Easter 2010

Our Easter “play-in-a-week” project took on a multi-media aspect with actors performing live and on film.

A young man is seen mugging and stealing from a woman. CCTV sees him, a number of witnesses see him. His case comes in front of a Judge & Jury. But can we be certain about the decisions we make? And whose perspective tells the truth?

The combination of Live & recorded performance styles was brilliantly handled by a mixture of PCYT stalwarts & new faces. A big welcome to newcomers & a big thank you to Malvern Youth Centre and everyone who came out to support the work.

A Vampire Story Moira Buffini - December 2009

Perfect Circle Youth Theatre produced award-winning playwright Moira Buffini’s play A Vampire Story – written for the National Theatre’s 2008 Connections project.

A Vampire Story introduces us to Ella and Claire. They’re sisters. Or is Claire Ella’s mother? They’re vampires. Or are they simply troubled young women on the run?

People will always believe the most fabulous tale you can tell. It’s the one they secretly long for.

A Vampire Story had one public performance at the Rogers Theatre, Malvern College on Saturday 12th December. The production also toured local schools.

We had fantastic reviews and support for A Vampire Story – great big thanks to Nunnery Wood, St. Mary’s, Droitwich High and NEW College Worcester for hosting us!

My Happy Ending Ameen Siddiqui - August 2009

This year’s Summer “Play-in-a-Week”, a brand new play by local writer Ameen Siddiqui.

Malvern Youth Centre.
Tickets £5 adults, £3 under 18s

Malvern Library - Devising Project Perfect Circle Youth Theatre - July 2009

Malvern Library were keen to use their refurbished venue as a performance space and we were more than happy to oblige!

Early Man Hannah Vincent - April 2009

Our Easter 2009 “Play-in-a-Week”, Early Man was produced in association with Malvern Youth Centre.

Heartbreak Beautiful Christopher William Hill - March 2009

Our second year as part of the National Theatre’s exciting Connections project.

Rapunzel Annie Siddons - February 2009

Annie Siddons’ version of the traditional tale was first presented by Kneehigh Theatre Company in 2007.

Perfect Circle took a minimalist approach to the story – a basket, some lengths of fabric and 6 actors playing over 20 characters were all we needed to bring the magic to life.

The production toured local venues including our first visit to the Artrix in Bromsgrove.

The Exam Andy Hamilton - December 2008

Perfect Circle Youth Theatre tackled Andy Hamilton’s comedy about the strains and stresses of exam culture in a touring production. Many thanks to the schools for hosting us – a great success which we hope to repeat with this year’s schools tour, A Vampire Story by Moira Buffini.

Scenes from the Coach House Various - December 2008

Perfect Circle Youth Theatre presented a work of two halves at Malvern’s Coach House Theatre.

The first half consisted of a series of scenes from plays (and one devised piece), ranging from Alan Ayckbourn to Timberlake Wertenbaker. In the second half, the characters from the first half were mixed together for some improvised chaos! Brilliant performances from all the cast & great support from the Coach House audience.

Fugee Abi Morgan - August 2008

Perfect Circle Youth Theatre’s Summer “Play-in-a-Week” project was Abi Morgan’s clever examination of the lives of refugee children living in temporary accommodation in London.

We performed outdoors and (due to the weather!) indoors at Malvern Youth Centre. Fantastic work from the cast to create a believable world in such a short rehearsal period. An outstanding production.

It Snows Bryony Lavery & Frantic Assembly - March 2008

It Snows was a fascinating production to work on – our first time as part of the National Theatre Connections Project.

The cast worked extremely hard to create the magic of that moment when you can forget all your problems and personal differences because…it snows!

Frantic Assembly’s distinctive physical style gave us lots of opportunities to experiment in rehearsal and bring to life Bryony Lavery’s sparse but truthful language.

Special thanks to Adam for a very complex LX gig. Most unusual for Perfect Circle!

We performed in Malvern St James’ new Drama Studio and at Theatr Clwyd, Mold.

Brontë Polly Teale - February 2008

Polly Teale’s stirring biography of the literary sisters & their family was toured to venues across Worcestershire.

The Queen Must Die, Sparkleshark, Scary Play David Farr, Philip Ridley, Judith Johnson - December 2007

A triple bill of National Theatre Connections plays. Hilarious, touching, terrifying. Our first Perfect Circle Youth Theatre production, performed at Malvern Youth Centre. This project featured a cast which would, brilliantly, go on to form the core of PCYT for the next couple of years (and hopefully even longer!).

Looking back, these plays were put together with no technical support, no budget and hardly any rehearsal time. Accordingly, they were fantastic. Thanks everyone, great memories!

FROZEN Bryony Lavery - June 2007

Frozen was our first production, part of the reason for creating a company in the first place. It’s dark, frightening, illuminating, beautiful and powerful. We thought it needed to be seen. Special thanks to our fantastic crew – Adam Bannister, Lorraine Simms, John Bannister, Steve Burford, Duncan Lewis & Kate Fulton. And huge, immeasurable thanks to Dianne Lloyd for bringing grace, dignity and humanity to Nancy.

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